Fashion/Portrait shoot with Ti-arnia

Fashion shoot with Ti-arnia.My favorite image from a photo shoot with Ti-arnia.

This one was for a digital imaging assessment. I’m quite impressed with how it turned out. Not much editing, just sharpened a little.

It is strictly forbidden to use my photographs without my permission.

©sarah jane heaton photography


Drawing class – Progress

In my studio, I drew up some experiments, to get some idea of what the final outcome will look like.
One was complete using black ink, and the other with the addition of red watercolour paint. 
I prefer the red one, but it will need more work. The proportions are a bit out, etc.

This semester, my theme involves loose drawings of gothic figures, using only 2 colours (red and black). I want to make more use of simple lines, and tone. 


Tuomas Holopainen sketch

A5 Sketch of Tuomas Holopainen I finished a few days ago.
Nightwish is one of my biggest influences, and so I will be drawing each of the members.
This photo was taken directly under my desk lamp, so it isn’t the best quality >> However, I plan on selling this one when I can find a frame.
Medium – Graphite pencil.